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Celebrity Testimonials for The Harley Street Smile Clinic London

As you can see from some of the testimonials above we have performed many celebrity smile makeovers here at the Harley Street Smile Clinic. The most requested celebrity smiles are Cheryl Cole and Halle Berry. They have very different looking veneers but it is great to have a celebrity smile in mind in order to communicate very clearly what look you are trying to achieve. If there is a celebrity smile that you favour you are welcome to discuss this with Dr Maurice Johannes as he aims to give you the celebrity smile that you want. He has been the chosen celebrity dentist by many movie stars, singers, presenters, sportsmen and actors, but the majority obviously wish to remain anonymous.

Lorraine Kelly

Alison Hammond

Kerry Katona and George Kay

Kerry Katona

Lauren Pope

Toby Anstis

OMG! Just looked in the mirror and the whiteness of my teeth almost blinded me! Wow – came in with stained tomb stones, now they're bright, and white, and I'm incredibly happy about the whole thing! What a feeling when you just want to smile all the time! And how lovely are Maurice, Jill and Kat! Thank you so much!
Toby Anstis Heart 106.2 FM

Chloe Madeley

I came to the Harley Street Smile Clinic to get my teeth whitened because in the industry I'm in you're on camera a lot and do a lot of photo shoots and I really don't like to smile, so I needed that extra confidence to grin and bear it. Getting my teeth whitened has definitely done that for me. I love to smile now and I'm really happy with the results. Everyone was really nice to men and I really recommend it.
Chloe Madeley Journalist / Presenter

Andy Gray

Great smile, great teeth, and Jill as well. What more could a man ask for?! Thank you.
Andy Gray Football Pundit

Greg Rutherford


Oliver Mellor


Adam Miller

Thanks so much Maurice you are a star!! I am so happy with my teeth. It was the best decision I could make to get veneers to straighten my teeth. They look amazing! And I am so happy! And I didn't feel a thing! Lots of love,
Adam xxx

Bobby Norris

Hey Maurice, I love my new teeth!!! Thank you so much!! Love
Bobby xx

Danielle Lloyd

To Maurice, Thank you so much for my lovely new teeth. I absolutely love them so much, you are brilliant!! Lots of love,
Danielle xxx

Frankie Essex

To Maurice, Thank you so much for blinging up my teeth! All my
Frankie Essex xxxx

James Locke

Maurice, Jill & Kat, Thanks a lot for your great service. Really happy with my whiter teeth. Thanks,

Jasmyn Banks

To Maurice, Jill & Kat, Thanks for doing such a lovely job on my teeth - I'm so pleased with them. And it was all so easy and didn't hurt at all - I couldn't believe it! Thanks so much. Love
Jasmyn xxxx

Jessica Wright

Maurice, Thank you for whitening my teeth, definitely the best one I have veer had, they are bright white! With love,
Jessica xx

Kirk Norcross

Hey Guys I am so happy with my veneers - I'll be back soon to get my lowers done. Thanks for everything the whole thing was so fast and it didn't hurt a bit Maurice, I couldn't believe it! See you all soon.
Kirk x

Carley Belmonte

Dear Maurice & the girls, Thanks so much for my lovely teeth! Love
Carley xxx

Holly Hagan


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