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Express 3 Day Veneers

For those clients who want a dream smile in the shortest period of time we have developed a scheduled treatment to give you a new smile in just 3 days.

We have had many clients that live abroad and have flown to the uk specifically to have this makeover carried out. The average time scale of 3 weeks for the treatment to be completed did not fit in with their schedule so we developed a way to reduce this to 3 days. The process is the same as with normal veneer placement, but is FAST TRACKED by the master dental technician.

Express 3 Day Veneers

A smile makeover like this can be achieved in just 3 days.

Express Smile Makeover Time Frame

Monday 10am
Attend consultation with Dr Maurice Johannes. If you wish to proceed with the treatment impressions are taken and delivered to our laboratory to start the process of creating your new smile.

Tuesday 10am
Prep work carried out on your teeth. Your temporary veneers are placed and you can see your planned new smile instantly. A quick and pain free experience completed in just 90 minutes per arch.

Wednesday 4pm
Return to have the temporary veneers removed and the real porcelain veneers placed. Your new smile is completed.

Thursday 9.30am
Final Review of veneers to ensure all work completed to satisfaction and the 5 year guarantee is issued.

For more information contact Jill or send her a photo of your teeth to and find out whether you would be suitable for our Express Smile Makeover.


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