August 2018

Gummy Smile Makeover to raise the gum line and whiten the teeth, along with some subtle tooth reshaping.

Tooth contouring to shorten the central incisors.

This lovely guy was unhappy about his protruding canine teeth but wanted to get a very natural looking result, so we used 8 veneers to correct the look and give him a smile he was much more happy with.

Dean wanted to close the gaps in his teeth and show less gum when he smiled. 10 porcelain veneers were placed by Dr Martin to close the gaps and a gum lift was carried out to raise the gum line.

Isabella was unhappy that her teeth were crooked and discoloured. 8 veneers were placed to make her teeth look lovely and straight and a brighter colour. long with a little whitening of the rest of her teeth it gave her a brighter smile overall.