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Our 5 Year Guarantee

To maintain your winning smile and maximise the overall health of your teeth, we highly recommend six-monthly visits to the hygienist, plus an annual check-up of your restorations with our cosmetic dentist. The hygienist may recommend additional cleaning sessions in order to achieve optimal maintenance, and this will ensure that your porcelain veneers, crowns and bridgework stay eligible for our five-year guarantee.*

Unfortunately, if regular maintenance is not followed, we are only able to offer a one-year guarantee. In addition, if there is an outstanding balance on your account, both the one-year and the five-year guarantee will not take effect until full payment has been received.

*With the exception of accidental damage and providing the restorations have not been damaged by trauma, bone disease, gum disease, dental decay or by another dentist carrying out additional dental treatment.

* Except against accidental damage or neglect.


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