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Replacement Veneers

When previously placed veneers have reached the end of their life, replacing them with new veneers recreates harmony and aesthetic balance.

The old veneers and crowns can often look very tired and dull, they may not fit well around the gum line, or the old veneers may have discoloured, or the old crowns may have that tell-tale black line around the gum, which means they are definitely due for replacement.

We expect our veneers to last around 15 years, but if you look after your teeth and gums really well they may last even longer.

Old veneers very often look very thick or bulky, as you can see from some of the cases shown, and so the replacement veneers will look amazing in comparison.

The replacement veneers will look much more realistic, very natural looking in terms of colour, much thinner, and designed to the shape and size that suits you most, giving you a much fresher looking smile, and possibly taking a few years off in the process! Even if you have had veneers placed recently that you are unhappy with then at The Harley Street Smile Clinic we can replace with more aesthetically pleasing ones.

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